Radiology Technician

Radiology Technician

Operates X-ray and other medical imaging equipment to produce images for medical diagnostic purposes in conjunction with radiologist or other medical specialists.

It’s well known that Radiology, as almost any other medical field, is highly competitive. However, as radiology technology expands and transforms, so do positions for employment. Nowadays those students who choose become radiologists will eventually enjoy quite a large salary as well as a good balance between free time, studying and working

Radiography refers to taking radio images of body parts of patients whereas radiology is a field of medicine that specializes in study and analysis of these images

Radiology Technician Eligibility & Admission:

Minimum Qualification for Admission 10 or any equivalent Qualifications.

Duration: 2 years full time (4-semester)

Job Prospects:

X-ray technician course is very lucrative, offering, bright career prospect.

a.) The Diploma holder will be suitable for appointment as X-ray Technicians / Assistants in Private Hospitals / Nursing Homes or with Private Medical Practitioners etc.

b) The Diploma holder may open his/her own X-ray Centre in any part of the country. Subject to state Law’s or under the supervision of Medical Professional / Radiologist / Cardiologist.


  • Medical College/Hospitals.
  • Central and State Govt. hospital.
  • Primary Health Centres.
  • Polyclinics and Nursing Homes.
  • Private Hospitals .
  • Private Clinics.
  • Veterinary Hospitals and Colleges.
  • Industrial Establishment e.g. Naval Dockyard.
  • Armed Force Medical Services.
  • Scientific and Research Institutions.
  • Teaching Colleges/Hospitals of other Systems of Medicine (e.g. Homeopathy).